Private membership social club exclusive for OVER AGE 45 ONLY! 
Fun friendships, Events, Trips,  & Boutique 

 Paradise Travels & Events ~My Secret Crave!  


Obtain Membership

Ambassador couple or single lady

$149.00 $300.00

Foundation Ambassador Couples or S.L.

$149 annually.

   Foundation Ambassadors: 

  1. Couples & single ladies can become FA's.
  2. FA's  have proven leadership skills, fabulous personalities, and want to assist with outreach & advancement of the community while maintaining current membership
  3. FA's are allowed to recruit  prospective members the FA's can vouch for their suitanilty to the site.
  4.  FA's may also on occasion be chosen to assist in planning/ hosting event(s)/trips/etc. 

Foundation Ambassador membership is $149/year. This also allows access to reserve for any event at a discount of 20% if space remains. This excludes trips where vendor charges their own fees. If a FA hosts an event for the club, they pay no charge to attend their planned event if it is an approved event by site owner.  and the majoprity of members are allowed to reserve given there is still space to do so. 

FA's are expected to cover site cost --as in their home & up to $150 in food cost. If cost will be over that, event approval must be sought by site owner and a plan set forth by the FA to cover the cost, short of asking members to foot it!. 

This site reserves the right to charge a fee for any event  to go to mew member acquisition and site support. At time we will have to put down seciuring deposit on trips and any monies we ahve on hand may have to go to that.

Age, location, What experience do you have in promoting or marketing? Why would you be a good candidate for this? not every applicant will be accepted as a FA, then a regular membership must be pruchased.

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